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Light+ Alternate Realities (II) 3: Echo

October 18, 2019

In Episode 3 of the series, Lighthouse CEO and Artistic Director Alli Beddoes talks to Georgie Pinn, creator of Echo, an interactive installation where you can step into the shoes of another through a virtual mirror, select a shared story and discover layers of yourself echoed back to you in this deeply personal exploration of human experience, identity and empathy. Echo is an extraordinary experience not to be missed.

In October 2019, for the Brighton Digital Festival, Lighthouse presents selected works from the Sheffield Doc/Fest's Alternate Realities. The exhibition at Lighthouse focusses on immersive and interactive technologies which enable us to interpret and engage with socio-political infrastructures, storytelling and the interface of physical and digital worlds. Each of the selected works reveal themes of empathy and intimate encounters with people and places. In this Light + podcast series, we talk to the creators to find out more.

This series has been edited by Connor Clark

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